Episode 83: What is the best option you have for hiring the best VA?

business entrepreneur podcast virtual assistant Jul 19, 2022


When it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant there are mainly two options:

- The first is to do it on your own, which would involve a lot of time and experience in hiring other VA's, which you may not have yet.

- The second is to hire a VA through an agency, which would involve a large amount of money and hiring limits which are not very beneficial.


What would you think if we told you there was a third option?

One that would allow you to

- Have the best VA candidates for your business
- Done for you
- At a better price?

That's what we talked about in the latest episode of The Business Growth Advantage Show with Joey Vitale and Elizabeth Henson!

Let us know which option you prefer after listening to the episode!

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Show Notes

00:48 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:38 - What is the GVVA?
03:06 - The Google Doc to Find, Qualify and Hire
05:29 - The Difference of VA Agencies
07:41 - What Do You Need to Get Ready?
10:47 - Super Sexy Awesome VA Onboarding Program
12:53 - Hiring Your First VA
15:19 - The Business Growth Advantage Facebook Group
18:40 - Next Week on the Business Growth Advantage 


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