Episode 84 : Before the Onboarding Avoid these VA Hiring Mistakes!

business growth entrepreneur podcast virtual assistant Aug 02, 2022


In August, we will be doing a SERIES of trainings all about how to effectively onboard & train your next overseas VAs. But before we start that series, you might want to know "How do I effectively FIND & HIRE overseas VAs so that I can onboard them?"
We hear you, and we got you. That's why we're kicking things of with THIS TRAINING on 3 dangerous & costly mistakes you need to avoid when hiring your overseas VAs.

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Show Notes

00:50 - This week on Indie Law and Updates
04:50 - The Problem with Most Business Owners
08:12 - Being New to Overseas VAs
14:30 - Mistake Number One
19:35 - How to Outsource and Delegate
23:10 - Delegation Dashboard
24:53 - Mistake Number Two
28:55 - The Application Funnel
37:39 - Payment Options for VAs
41:41 - The VA Hiring Machine
43:06 - The Final Mistake
48:16 - The Four Main Core Values with my Law Firm


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