Episode 100: How to Create Compelling Thought Leadership that Grows Your Business with Jay Harrington

business entrepreneur podcast Nov 16, 2022


My bud, Jay Harrington, President of Harrington Communications, joins The Business Growth Advantage this week!

Jay Harrington is a consultant, coach, and author of four books. He used to practice law at top firms, and founded one of his own, before becoming one of the top consultants to the legal industry focused on marketing and business development. His consulting work includes helping clients define strong market positioning, develop effective thought-leadership strategies, gain visibility through public relations, and generate new business through the execution of marketing tactics.

Jay practices what he preaches. He doesn’t merely consult with clients about the importance of thought-leadership PR and marketing—he is an active content creator himself. He frequently speaks and writes on important issues and trends in legal marketing. His writing is featured in monthly columns for Law.com, JD Supra, and Attorney at Work. He is also the author of three books: The Productivity Pivot, The Essential Associate, and One of a Kind.

And this week we’ll discuss “How to Create Compelling Thought Leadership that Grows Your Business.”

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Show Notes
00:48 - This Week on the Business Growth Advantage
04:01 - A Thought Leader
08:49 - The Key Result on Making Content
11:24 - Common Mistakes on Thought Leadership
22:13 - How To Be Seen as a Thought leader
24:29 - Lawyers being personal brands
32:27 - How Jay started in LinkedIn
38:31 - How to Keep Up on a Daily Posting Schedule


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