Episode 101: The Five Phases to Level up as a CEO

ceo entrepreneur podcast Nov 18, 2022


Welcome to The Business Growth Advantage Show with Joey Vitale!

Every other week, Joey is joined by community manager Elizabeth Henson, and this week they break down the the five phases to level up as a CEO. You won't want to miss this!

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Show Notes

00:48- This Week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:30 - Being a better CEO
03:25 - Five Phases to Level up as a CEO
07:12 - Steps on Becoming a CEO
07:41 - First Phase - True Solo
09:55 - Second Phase - Hustler Phase
12:53 - Third Phase - Systemizer Phase
17:22 - Fourth Phase - Leader Phase
26:49 - Fifth Phase - Influencer Phase
36:25 - Next level CEO


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