Episode 51: Consistency In Social Media and Landing Amazing Media Features with Allie Hembree Martin

entrepreneur owning it podcast social media trademark Jul 13, 2021


Allie Hembree Martin joins us live for The Owning It Podcast!

We talk about the 3 Cs in social media, how Fame and Fortune was built, and so much more!

Meet our Guest Expert - Allie Hembree Martin

This week on Owning It, we have Allie Hembree Martin. She is a visibility expert working with mostly female entrepreneurs to elevate their brand and gain credibility through social media and public relations.

We also talk about working with different local business to gain visibility, how buying followers can be a bad idea and how you can work with her.

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Show Notes

00:55 - This week on Owning It
03:23 - The 3 Cs of Social Media
07:17 - Posting more valuable content
10:35 - Engaging your community
13:47 - Buying followers and engagement rate
17:31 - Wanting your posts to go viral
20:51 - Planning on your social media content
23:52 - Taking a social media break
27:10 - The Social Media Success Kit
27:50 - How Fame and Fortune started
28:57 - Getting a copy of your local newspaper
31:59 - Building credibility and authority
38:42 - Link to Facebook Video
39:25 - Working with Allie
41:26 - FREE Trademark Masterclass
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