Episode 57: How to Automate your Dream Virtual Law Firm with Sam Mollaei

business growth entreprepneurship podcast time management virtual teams vitual assistance Aug 31, 2021


Joey’s bud, Sam Mollaei, joins The Business Growth Advantage show! We talk about building and delegating to your virtual team, investing in you, and surrounding yourself with great mentors, and so much more.

Meet our Guest Expert - Sam Mollaei

Sam teaches other lawyers to automate their own dream virtual law firm so they can work from home on their own flexible schedule.

But don’t worry, bud, you DON’T need to be a lawyer to benefit from Sam’s biz expertise!

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Show Notes

00:47 - This week on The Business Growth Advantage!
02:01 - Growing your own virtual law firm
06:38 - Having virtual assistance and building a team
11:01 - Delegating and trusting your VAs
13:52 - Running different law firms
15:33 - It's not always about the money
18:15 - Being a lawyer helps
20:44 - Investing in resources and programs
27:29 - Getting connected with Sam
28:22 - Following different thought leaders
31:03 - Building your funnel
40:17 - Link to Facebook Video
41:40 - FREE Trademark Masterclass

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