Episode 70. Implementing Transformative Values in Your Biz with Andrea Herran

business business growth business owner entrepreneurship podcast strategy Jan 04, 2022


My bud, Andrea Herran, joins The Business Growth Advantage this week!

If you want to learn how to implement values that turn the bad and ugly in your biz to the GOOD and GREAT, then you don’t wanna miss this!!

Meet our Guest Expert - Andrea Herran

Andrea Herran is the Founder and Principal of Focus HR Consulting and one of my fav biz buds when it comes to establishing values in your biz and understanding why they matter.

Andrea developed a passion for Human Resources and Leadership from the beginning of her career.

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
02:17 - Mission, vision, etc. what do they really mean
06:12 - How people describe your business matters
08:08 - Your team's belief structure, and having a true change in culture
15:07 - People need to know that it's safe to provide feedback
21:17 - Andrea's communication secrets
26:20 - Hitting all three different learning styles
31:38 - Identifying and living out your beliefs - core values
38:35 - FREE gift from Andrea - Amplified Value Matrix
39:02 - Link to Facebook Live
42:10 - FREE trademark masterclass


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