Episode 71. How to Make Your Financial Positioning More Clear with Chelsea Williams

business business growth financial financial positioning podcast Jan 11, 2022


My bud, Chelsea, joins The Business Growth Advantage this week!

With over a decade of accounting experience, she has the knowledge to not just get your financial house order, but set it up for long term sustainability at a healthy profit.

Chelsea has expertise to make your financial positioning more clear, and she has the personality to make it enjoyable.… AND that's exactly what she’ll bring to US!

Meet our Guest Expert - Chelsea Williams

Chelsea is the Chief Financial Architect, CFO for Impact, speaker, and a biz bud when it comes to talking about finances and bookkeeping for law firms.

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:18 - Get to know Chelsea
02:34 - The importance of understanding who your financial players are
07:19 - The rule of three - what are your options
09:34 - When should I hire a financial planner and how to be your own CFO
12:25 - Having meaningful connection with your financial players
15:35 - What is an S Corp
18:12 - When you should consider getting an S Corp
27:23 - Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
31:38 - "The person who you're asking for help with on your money, they've seen it all"
36:14 - Discussion about cashflow, money management, and costs vs investments
38:50 - Link to Facebook video
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