Episode 72. Emotional Lock-Picking and Truly Understanding Sales with John Williamson

business business growth entrepreneur marketing sales Jan 18, 2022


My bud, John Williamson, joins The Business Growth Advantage!
John is a MASTER at emotional lock-picking. He’s cultivated the outstanding skill of understanding customers on such deep levels that the entire selling process becomes almost obsolete.

He refined these skills through recognizing that people want their needs to be HEARD and ACKNOWLEDGED in real ways with real solutions, and that once they are, your product or service will be a no brainer!

I’ve always enjoyed talking with John and I’m excited for him to share his experience and biz wisdom on the show!

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:52 - Get to know John Williamson
10:12 - What is emotional lock-picking
14:37 - Discussion about customer's buying cycle
23:44 - Getting the "That's me!" statement
30:01 - Your first interaction with your potential audience
37:47 - How to get the "That's me!" from your clients
44:42 - Working with John and his team


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