Episode 81: Team Building Secrets to Scale your Business

business business growth entrepreneur podcast team building Jun 21, 2022


Welcome to The Business Growth Advantage Show with Joey Vitale!

Every other week, Joey is joined by community manager Elizabeth Henson and the two share their biggest secrets when it comes to team building.

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Show Notes

00:46 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:23 - What's New?
02:42 - Meet my guest, Elizabeth Henson
08:47 - How to Create systems, Culture and Coverage
14:25 - New Terminologies to Help Your Business
16:14 - Understand the Concept of a Leadership Team
24:27 - The Role of VAs
26:29 - What is Global Vetted Virtual Assistants Program About?
30:45 - How to Get Better at Asking High quality Questions
37:26 - Making Process Changes
44:16 - Next on the Business Growth Advantage
44:37 - Link to Facebook Video
45:00 - Join our new Facebook group, The Business Growth Advantage
46:13 - Global Vetted Virtual Assistants Update


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