Episode 85 : VA Training Masterclass Series - A Better Way to Onboard your VAs

business growth entrepreneur podcast virtual assistant Aug 04, 2022


Throughout the month August, we will be doing a SERIES of trainings all about how to effectively onboard & train your next overseas VAs.

This week, join business growth consultant Joey Vitale for his secrets on a BETTER way to onboard your new teammates. You won't want to miss this!

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Show Notes

00:47 - This Week on the Business Growth Advantage
05:05 - The VA Hiring Machine
06:23 - A to Z Hiring Guide
09:34 - A Time When You Felt Welcomed in a Community
15:01 - The Captivating Orientation (Google Doc)
15:47 - The Alignment Check
18:04 - Success Tips for your Business
18:04 - Google Docs Link
22:35 - Join our Facebook Group
22:50 - Global Vetted VAs
24:06 - A Free Course



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