Episode 91: VA Training Masterclass - The Alignment Check

Aug 25, 2022


Throughout the month August, we will be doing a SERIES of trainings all about how to effectively onboard & train your next overseas VAs.

This week, join business growth consultant Joey Vitale for his secret strategy on how to effectively conduct a strong performance review (AKA an ALIGNMENT CHECK) to set them up for success and become a trusted rockstar & A-player on your team. You won't want to miss this!

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Show Notes

01:06 - The Epic Welcome
01:41 - Components of the VA Hiring Machine
02:42 - The Parts of the Epic Welcome
05:07 - The Finish Line Mindset
07:57 - Deep Dive on the Core Values
12:25 - A Good Culture Fit
14:30 - A Plus and a Minus
16:50 - A Quick Recap 


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