Episode 92: The Three Biggest Mindsets That Keep You Stuck in Business

business entrepreneur podcast Aug 30, 2022


Welcome to The Business Growth Advantage Show with Joey Vitale!

Every other week, Joey is joined by community manager Elizabeth Henson, and this week they break down the three biggest mindsets that are keeping you stuck in your business. You won't want to miss this!

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Show Notes

00:46 - This Week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:41 - Scarcity Mindsets
01:57 - Developing as a Coach for Other Business Owners
02:53 - Group for Coaching
03:35 - Having an Abundant Mindset
05:12 - What is Scarcity?
06:24 - The Drama Triangle
20:44 - Leadership and Coaching
25:09 - Clarifying the Scarcity Mindset
26:14 - Growing our Businesses
28:52 - Becoming Stronger Leaders


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